20 must-see shows to watch this weekend

If you’re looking for some brilliant TV shows to watch this weekend, look no further.  From a highly unusual music documentary about a star whose career is threatened by a neurological disease to a quick-fire newsroom satire that becomes darker and twistier, there is something to suit every taste. Our critics have picked out the must-watch movies, as well as laugh-out-loud comedy shows and series. Read on to find the perfect show to get your teeth into this weekend.  My Lady Jane Vibrant and fantastical reimagining of the life of Lady Jane Grey Year: 2024 Certificate: 15 Watch now on Prime Video It can be really nice when TV surprises you, and My Lady Jane is nothing if not a surprise. Billed as a ‘swashbuckling romantasy series set in an alt-fantasy Tudor world’, the eight-parter is based on a string of novels that reimagine the life of Lady Jane Grey, the teenager known as the ‘Nine Days Queen’ who was beheaded by Bloody Mary after a depressingly short stint on the throne.  The purpose of the books is to give Jane a more fun and full existence than she had in our world, and the series certainly does that. It’s full to the brim with colourful costumes, characters and events from the very start, as we meet Jane (Emily Bader) and her unlovely mother (Anna Chancellor), who is scheming to marry her off to the son of the hilariously poisonous Lord Dudley (Rob Brydon).  That’s the high-society meat grinder Jane is fighting her way out of in this unpredictable show, but it comes with another twist – in this ‘alt-fantasy Tudor world’, part of the population can transform into animals at the drop of a hat; so you’re never quite sure who’s going to suddenly do what next.  While it’s unlikely to be for costume drama purists, and won’t have the depth to please others, if you fancy a breath of fresh air My Lady Jane is undeniably that. And the ‘adult’ cast (who also include Dominic Cooper and Jim Broadbent) have some very funny moments while the youngsters do their thing, too. (Eight episodes)    I Am Celine Dion Documentary about the singer’s struggle with illness Year: 2024 Certificate: 12 Watch now on Prime Video This is not your standard music documentary. Yes, it has many clips of the Canadian singer in concert and the studio. Yes, there are home videos that highlight Celine Dion’s rise from a family of 14 children in Quebec to stardom around the world, but that’s not the film’s real subject – it’s actually about what happens when a rare neurological disease puts all that success under threat.  The documentary charts the singer’s life after she was diagnosed in 2022 with stiff-person syndrome, a condition that causes muscle stiffness and limb spasms. It’s an emotional and candid film in which Dion isn’t afraid to show herself struggling through physical therapy and in tears as she cancels concerts and contemplates possibly never being able to perform again.  Throughout it all she comes across as authentic and resilient, with a robust sense of humour about herself and a passion for life, performance and clothes. Shoes, in particular, come up often. Dion really loves them and isn’t fussy about size – if she likes what she sees, she will cram her feet in any which way she can (she wears the shoes, they don’t wear her, is how she puts it). The singer also has a healthy attitude towards her many, many staff, reflecting that ‘If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.’  All that, together with her endearing and very clear need to make her fans understand why she can’t perform for them how she could is what holds this occasionally meandering film together, leaving you with a strong image of an admirable and unique showbiz character. (102 minutes) Land Of Women Desperate Housewives’ Eva Longoria stars as a socialite wife and mother forced to start anew Year: 2024 Watch now on Apple TV+ At first glance, you’d be forgiven for thinking that Land Of Women was Apple’s stab at a rival to the Sex And The City sequel series, And Just Like That. This six-part mix of drama, comedy and thriller only starts in New York, though, where we meet Manhattan socialite Gala (Desperate Housewives’ Eva Longoria), a wife and mother who seems to have everything until her husband screws it up and a couple of gangsters come calling.  That unpleasant event triggers a multi-generational girls’ trip, as Gala gathers up her mother from a nursing home and her daughter from college, and the three make a new start at her mum’s old house in a Spanish village. Needless to say, that new start isn’t simple – and the complications Gala initially encounters may remind you of a TV movie romcom.  Still, the root of this show really lies in women finding strength in each other and themselves; and out of the three, the one who has most to rediscover is Gala’s mother, a woman who clearly left a lot unresolved in her hometown.  Based on a novel by Sandra Barneda, this series is a nice mix of old and new that carries a refreshingly strong sense of its Spanish identity, evidenced by how it isn’t afraid to make us read subtitles once in a while. (Six episodes)  The Bear (Series 3) The award-winning drama about a Chicago restaurant returns for a third run Year: 2024 Certificate: 15 Watch now on Disney+ After an incredible second run that improved on an already excellent first series, the drama about a Chicago restaurant returns. Series three begins with chef Carmy (Jeremy Allen White) having finally completed transforming the family-owned eatery from a humble sandwich joint into high-end restaurant The Bear. It all came at a cost, though, in terms of finances as well as relationships, whether familial, professional or romantic, and those bills need to be paid as