Answers about Medication and Drugs

Athletes use steroids to bulk up fast!! It’s an amazing drug for that! But it is harmful to some! It’s causes boils and acne on some people. Steroids is a teste Read more Medication and Drugs +3 Is it safe to smoke marijuana while on omeprazole? Asked by Wiki User I have never had problems, in fact it seems to help the omeprazole take affect better for me, but everyone reacts different. Yes, 시알리스가격 you can take Prilosec (omepraz Read more Health +2 Novel drug delivery system? Asked by Wiki User A novel drug delivery system is a new approach that utilizes new technologies, innovative ideas, and methodologies to deliver the active molecules in safe yet e Read more Health +3 How can you detox your body from opiates without feeling pain? Asked by Wiki User It’s rare that people can get off synthetic or street opioids without any physical pain, and of course it depends on how much opioid use is involved. The reaso Read more Birth Control +2 Will birth control pills stop you from bleeding if you started them while you were bleeding? Asked by Wiki User The birth control pill, like all hormonal birth control, is likely to result in less bleeding and fewer days of flow than you’d experience off the pill. Contact Read more Medication and Drugs +2 Can you get sick taking old pain meds? Asked by Wiki User It depends on how old the medicine is, and what the medicine is. Most medicines are still safe to be taken if they are only just slightly past their use-by date Read more Health +4 What is the highest mg for Valium? Asked by Wiki User The highest MG Valium comes in is 10mg.