Answers about Newspapers and Magazines

Newspaper ink contains soybean or vegetable-based oils that are more environmentally friendly than traditional petroleum-based inks. By using sustainable inks, Read more Chemistry +3 Is petroleum man made? Asked by Wiki User No, petroleum is a naturally occurring fossil fuel formed from the remains of ancient plants and animals buried deep underground. While humans extract and refin Read more Clothing +2 What are some clothing magazines similar to Alloy? Asked by Wiki User Some clothing magazines similar to Alloy include ASOS magazine, Forever 21 magazine, and Missguided magazine. These magazines typically feature trendy and affor Read more Global Warming +4 How many trees are cut down to make a newspaper? Asked by Wiki User Approximately 12 trees are cut down to make one ton of newsprint paper, which can produce about 2800 copies of a newspaper. This number may vary depending on th Read more Botany or Plant Biology +2 Parts of a newspaper and its definition? Asked by Wiki User Headline: Title of the main story on the front page, designed to grab the reader’s attention. Byline: Name of the journalist who wrote the article. Masthead: I Read more Meteorology and Weather +4 In which year DID The weather forecast appear in The Times newspaper for proteccion laboral the first time? Asked by Wiki User The weather forecast first appeared in The Times newspaper in 1861.