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iPhone 14 review: A great upgrade for old iPhone users

The Apple iPhone 14 and iPhone 13 are comparable to one another. Yet those who wish to switch from an outdated iPhone or a midrange Android phone to it shouldn’t be discouraged by that. It is a phone worth purchasing, as we discover in the iPhone 14 review.

In a nutshell, the iPhone 14 has been released in India for Rs 79,900.

Both the iPhone 14’s appearance and its components are comparable to that of the iPhone 13.

The iPhone 14 provides a viable upgrading path for those utilising older iPhone models.

Apple unveiled the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro earlier this month. And right then, it became apparent that the iPhone 14 Pro represented a larger update with a new chipset and Dynamic Island. You can read our independent review of the iPhone 14 Pro here. Why then is the iPhone 14 Pro the more significant update rather than the iPhone 14? That’s because the iPhone 14 shares the same basic hardware, including the chipset, as the iPhone 13 in addition to its outside design. Don’t let all of this affect how you feel about the iPhone 14 though.

Though this evaluation reveals that the phone may only be an incremental update—some claim Apple should have called it the iPhone 13S—it is still a terrific upgrade for anyone using an iPhone or a common Android phone that is three to four years old.

The base 128GB variant of the iPhone 14 has a starting price of Rs 79,990 in India. Two more options are available: 256GB for Rs 89,900 and 512GB for Rs 1,09,900. However, Apple is providing up to Rs 6,000 in instant cashback on purchases made with an HDFC credit card as part of the launch promotion.

This article is for you if you are still using an outdated iPhone model, such as an iPhone X or even an iPhone 11.

iPhone 14 design and build

If you’re upgrading from an older iPhone, the iPhone 14 has a completely new look. But it is the same when compared to the iPhone 13. It has a similar boxy shape and a camera module with a lens positioned diagonally. New colour possibilities for the iPhone 14 include blue, purple, midnight, starlight, and (PRODUCT) red.

In its Pro iPhones this year, Apple switched to a dynamic, smaller notch called Dynamic Island, but the iPhone 14 keeps its traditional notch. The iPhone 14 has a good build quality in my opinion. Its boxy form makes it simpler to grasp and use than earlier iPhone models. If you dislike the current trend of huge phones, the iPhone 14 will appeal to you because of its ideal size.

I personally dislike large phones, thus I think the iPhone 14’s size is ideal. It can easily fit within the pocket of a pair of pants and is small enough to be operated with one hand throughout the day.

iPhone 14 display

You’ll hear me say this a lot, but the screen on the iPhone 14 is comparable to that on the iPhone 13—however, if you own an iPhone 11 or earlier, you’ll notice a pleasant improvement in the screen experience.

The 6.1-inch liquid retina display on the iPhone 14 has an OLED panel, and even while on paper it doesn’t have the high brightness levels that Apple claims for the screens of the Pro versions, it is still more than bright enough. Even the sweltering Delhi sun, the iPhone 14 provides an excellent viewing experience in all lighting situations. I discovered that a brightness level of about 50% was enough indoors. Given that Apple launched a 120Hz display in Pro versions last year, I had hoped to see a screen with a higher refresh rate on the iPhone 14. Yet, that is untrue. The iPhone 14’s screen, however, continues to operate at 60Hz.

iPhone 14 battery life

Although iPhones have always provided excellent performance and image quality, the battery has been a problem, especially with the smaller iPhones. But I think the firm rectified issue last year with the introduction of the iPhone 13. I believe the battery life has improved even more with the iPhone 14.

I’ve been using the iPhone 14 every day for the past week or two to browse the internet, watch hundreds of YouTube videos, scroll through Twitter and Instagram (I watch a lot of Reels), play a few games (I’m not a big gamer), and, of course, take tonnes of photos. The iPhone effortlessly lasted me a whole working day each day, or roughly 14 to 15 hours.

However, one frustrating aspect is that fast charging, which is now widely available on Android phones, is still not supported. The new iPhone 14 has MagSafe wireless charging up to 15W, much as the iPhone 13. Once more, the packaging contains no charging adapter. There is a USB-C to lightning cable in the retail packaging.

iPhone 14 camera performance

If you compare the iPhone 14’s camera to the iPhone model from the previous year, not much has changed. Nonetheless, a lot has changed for seasoned iPhone users, particularly in the area of low-light photography. When compared to something like the iPhone 11, the experience with the daylight camera has been significantly enhanced, and the colours are much nicer. Hence, switching to the newest iPhone 14 makes perfect sense if you currently use an iPhone model that is two to three years old.

The iPhone 14 sports a main camera and an ultrawide camera on the back. Each device has a 12-megapixel sensor. The phone’s camera has a tonne of options that may be used to take various types of pictures. Deep Fusion, Portrait mode, Night Mode, Burst Mode, and many more are a few of these characteristics. Although the phone lacks the distinct telephoto lens we see in the Pro models, the two cameras have a zoom range that may be classified as 2X.

I compared the cameras of the iPhone 14 with the iPhone 13 but didn’t really notice a big difference. Even the images taken in low light were largely the same. Check out these side-by-side photos taken with the iPhone 13 and 14 below.

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