How to choose a body scrub to brighten your skin

How to choose a body scrub to brighten your skin

After knowing the fact that body scrubs can really brighten up, you will definitely be more interested in using them. Moreover, you can easily find body scrubs that claim to be able to brighten your skin on the market. However, not slot777 all products necessarily provide the maximum brightening effect or are suitable for your skin. So that you don’t make the wrong choice, check the points on how to choose below.

1. Make sure there is a scrub

In a body scrub to provide an optimal brightening effect. As previously explained, body scrubs that contain scrub are better able to provide an optimal brightening effect on the skin. However, you also need to know that the scrub granules in body scrubs can vary, both in terms of texture and size. So, the type of scrub granules must be adjusted to your skin type, OK? The following is a complete explanation.

For those of you who have normal, non-sensitive skin, we recommend looking for a body scrub with natural ingredients. Natural scrubs generally have shapes that are not round, irregular, have corners, and are larger and rougher in size. With these characteristics, scrub granules can remove dirt, dead skin cells and sweat residue more optimally.

Natural scrubs are usually made from nut shells, salt, sugar, oatmeal, crushed apricot kernels, and other seeds. So, please confirm the presence of these ingredients in the product claim or composition table.

However, remember, the physical exfoliation process with a scrub cannot be used by all skin types. Products like this are more suitable for those with normal skin or non-sensitive skin. Some characteristics of insensitive body skin include:

Unlike normal, non-sensitive skin, owners of dry and sensitive skin need to be careful with products that contain scrubs. This is because dry and sensitive skin types show irritation reactions more easily, such as redness, during the scrubbing process. But don’t worry, those with dry and sensitive skin can still get a brightening effect from using a scrub as long as the scrub granules are fine.

Apart from being able to exfoliate the skin, oatmeal also has a soothing effect so it can reduce the potential for redness on dry and sensitive skin.

Synthetic scrubs
Synthetic scrub granules are usually small in size and uniform in shape (homogeneous) so as to provide consistent exfoliation. Synthetic scrubs usually come from polyethylene, nylon, and microplastics.

2. If you don’t like the scrub sensation

or your skin tends to be sensitive, choose a scrub containing brightening ingredients, such as jicama, licorice extract, and raspberry extract.
If you don’t like the sensation of a scrub or your skin tends to be sensitive, choose a scrub containing brightening ingredients, such as jicama, licorice extract, and raspberry extract.
Some people You may not like the scrubbing sensation of the body scrub, especially if your skin is easily irritated. As an alternative, you can try a non-scrubbing body scrub which is equipped with brightening ingredients. Even though it has not been clinically tested, there are several ingredients that are believed to be able to brighten and have been used for generations, such as:

Contains vitamin C and folic acid, jicama can brighten and rejuvenate the skin. Its antioxidant content can help protect the skin from free radicals. Apart from that, jicama contains a lot of water so it can moisturize the skin.

Licorice extract
Licorice extract or licorice root also has benefits similar to jicama, namely moisturizing the skin. The glabridin substance in it also keeps the skin bright. In addition, licorice extract contains antioxidant compounds that can protect the skin from free radicals.

Raspberry extract
Raspberry fruit extract contains antioxidants to protect the skin from free radicals. Apart from that, the vitamin C content in it can also make the skin brighter.

Even though it contains natural ingredients, you still need to do a sensitivity test, OK? This is because natural ingredients do not necessarily not trigger irritation, especially on dry and sensitive skin. Moreover, this material has not gone through clinical trials.

3. Prioritize products that are enriched with moisturizing ingredients

But don’t forget to apply a moisturizing product afterwards. The main function of a body scrub is to help remove dead skin cells, not to moisturize. Therefore, the presence of moisturizing ingredients in the scrub is actually optional or not mandatory. Moreover, the process of using the scrub is not long so the active ingredients in it cannot stay on the skin for long.

However, scrubs with moisturizing ingredients can be said to be better than products without moisturizers, especially for dry and sensitive skin. This is because moisturizing ingredients can reduce the loss of the skin’s natural moisture during the scrub process. If you use a body scrub with a scrub, the moisturizing ingredients can also reduce the irritation reaction caused by friction between the skin and the scrub.

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