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What is a Preroll Joint?

A pre-rolled joint, or preroll, is what the name suggests – a joint that’s already been prepared for you. Nicely wrapped and available in a variety of sizes and strains, preroll joints are ideal for anyone looking to enjoy a quick smoke on the go without any of the leg work to set up.

Pre-rolled cones are a bit different and offer a solution for consumers who want the ease of a preroll without losing the ability to choose their favorite strain. The work is done by sealing the rolling paper into a cone shape, allowing you to fill the joint with your choice of flower, then simply twist the top before smoking.

Prerolls have several nicknames, earning their monikers depending on the size, width, wrap texture, filling, and more. From the classic joint slang to terms specifically for prerolls, these are some of the names you might come across on preroll packaging:



Cannabis Cigarette


Caviar cones


Dipped and Rolled



Marijuana Cigarette


Moon Sticks



Three of the most commonly known “prerolls” are joints, blunts, and spliffs. But let’s keep things simple and focus on traditional cannabis-only punch prerolls stinger.

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